The Highgate Greens Home Owners Association is a volunteer committee. Each year individuals volunteer themselves and their time to a position on the committee. When a position opens, it is usually announced at the annual meeting (normally held in November of each year). If you are interested in holding a position on the HOA, please contact us – we can always use good volunteers.

Board Member job responsibilities are available for review.

Board of Directors

Brad Barbour President 757-376-8596
Robb Grabb Vice President 757-286-4411
Jared Durban Treasurer 757-716-3750
Terrina Thomas Secretary 757-403-3123
Eric Westhoff Past Pres./Architecture 757-646-2044
Maria Forgues Member at Large 703-380-5001
Sachin Katkar Member at Large 480-381-8678

 Committee Chairs

Mike Childress Landscape  757-427-6631
Steve Firestone Architecture Co-Chair  757-639-9046
Jackie Lovell Social  757-427-2429
Anna Westhoff Sunshine Committee  757-563-6280
Matt Sargent Website  757-430-9488

Email Inquiries

Board of Directors General Email Address